Our key is appropriate infrastructure and key personnel backed by an experienced everyday work force.

What is our goal? What to we desire to achieve as a business?

  • Always try to become an operation a "head above" the majority of our competition in quality of service.

  • Never extend our client base beyond our capability to render personal attention and quality service.

  • Maintain a solid cadre of highly experienced personnel as the nucleus of our ability to serve our clients qualitatively.

  • Always protect the legitimate interests of our clients in their dealings with U.S. Customs and other governmental agencies involved in import-export activities

  • Provide quality service at reasonable, competitive prices.

How can we achieve our business goals?

Our key is APPROPRIATE INFRASTRUCTURE and KEY PERSONNEL backed by an experienced everyday work force.


Romero and McNally Co., Inc. was established in 1971 and offers full service to all importers and exporters at the Mexican border whether shipments are under a maquila program and/or NAFTA provision or are merely general importations.

We are modernized with state of the art equipment and automation to facilitate control, movement, handling and/or storage of your materials, machinery, equipment and product:

  • We own our own facility conveniently located at a highly visible spot convenient to clients and close to U.S. Customs.

  • Our office and warehouse is modern, well equipped and monitored for fire or burglary 24 hours a day every day of the year.

  • Documents module: We can offer your company a module that consists of a software we could download into any designated PC's of your choice, which would help generate the U.S. Customs inward Cargo Manifest required by your designated driver to enter the U.S. Customs compound. This brings a substantial savings in time by not having to stop anywhere else before entering the U.S. for U.S. documentation. In addition, at time of preparation of the Inward Cargo Manifest, this module creates a file that is later transmitted via modem or e-mail to our office by your Import/Export department which will enable us to complete the required U.S. Customs documents for payment of duties. More importantly, this module has allowed us to offer a more competitive service fee bringing great savings to all our customers.

  • We help set you up with U.S. Customs and guide and assist you in providing them with the information they require to process your imports and exports as trouble free as possible.